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Ultimate Garage Club

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Where is Ultimate Garage Club?

In the City of Mead. 1 Mile West of Highway I-25 on County Road 34. 

The physical address of the property is 341 1st St, Mead CO 80542

What type of security features are included? 

Perimeter fence, security cameras with monitor capability, extensive exterior lighting,

entry and exit gates are monitored, as are all positions of the drive aisle.

What are the hours of operation and access? 

24/7 365 days a year.

Are there accommodations for Motor Coaches, RV’s, and Boats? 

Yes. There is a potable fresh water supply, a RV dump/waste station, trash services.

Individual units have ample electric service plus a dedicated 50 Amp RV plug.

Can I wash my car/RV/Boat/motorcycle there?  

Yes. There will be a common wash bay available for owners’/tenant use based on owner’s association rules and regulations.

Is there an owner’s association (OA) and dues? 

Yes. The dues cover the exterior maintenance of the building, the concrete floors and radiant heat of the units, the to be built Owner’s clubhouse, drive aisles, landscaping, exterior lighting, snow removal, general liability insurance, security cameras/monitoring, property management, gas, and all common utilities shall be billed quarterly from the OA.

Who pays Gas, Electric & Water?  

All unit utilities shall be common amenities of the OA and billed to each unit owner quarterly by the OA.  There will not be sub-meter systems for the utilities in our facility is just too darn efficient!

How many Electrical circuits can I have?

A maximum of 18 circuits per unit are allowed.

Please see Standard Features & Electrical Upgrade Option lists for more information.

Can I add a bathroom after my purchase?

By purchasing the ½ Bath Rough-In upgrade option the Condo Owner is allowed to install a ½ bath after closing (¾ baths are not allowed).  The ½ Bath upgrade cost paid at closing covers all sewer tap and water access fees and will provide the rough-in piping for a ½ bath.  Any bathroom installation after closing must be permitted by the Town of Mead (permitting fees may apply at the time of application) and approved through the OA. If the bathroom rough-in is not purchased at closing and a bathroom is requested to be installed at a later time, a water and sewer access fee for $6000 will be required to be paid by the owner at the time of OA approval and town permitting. Upon installation in order to obtain Hot water the owner would need to install a water heater. If you have a bathroom there shall be a $25.00 water/sewer fee added to your OA dues monthly.

Will there be water spigot in each unit?  

No. The owners/tenant will have use of the wash bay as per the OA rules and regulations

Will there be a floor drain in each unit? 

No. Water can be squeegeed out the front door of the unit.

Can I have A/C in my unit?  

No but we have amazing fan options! One ceiling fan comes standard and we have upgrade

Check out the Big Ass Fans we are proud to have them as an upgrade option!

What are the benefits of owning vs renting a storage unit? 

Investment and the ability to build equity, option to customize your space, great rental potential, financial control.

What type of construction are the buildings? 


Can I finance my Garage Condo?  

Yes, please visit the financing tab.

Can I run a business out of my storage unit? 

Your business model must be in agreement with the OA association by-laws and declarations.

Any retail business that needs a walk-in customer base is absolutely prohibited.

Who pays for property insurance?
The OA will carry an insurance policy to cover the common building elements and common areas shared by all owners. Individual owners will be responsible to carry an insurance policy to cover their own unit, any improvements, and the contents.

How are taxes paid?
Individual owners will be responsible to pay property taxes on their unit as identified by the county.

How is the property taxed?  

This is commercial property for sale. The Zoning is Commercial and will be assessed in Weld county as commercial property at the county tax rate of 29%. Calculation of property taxes are, Actual Value x .29 = Assessed Value which is then multiplied by the current tax rate or mill levy to determine your yearly taxes due.  If you have any questions on how the values are determined, please contact Weld County Assessor at 970-353-3845.

What is included in the purchase price? 

Please refer to the standards/upgrades list.

How can I finish out my Ultimate Garage Club Condo to my requirements?  

Please review the OA Documents. If changes are needed after closing most finish work must be

approved by the Owners Association and then “permitted” by the City of Mead.

Can I live in in the unit?  

The Zoning is Commercial and not for residential use.

Can I live inside my RV in the unit?  

No. The Zoning is Commercial and not for residential use.

Can I grow Marijuana in my unit?

No. This is against OA policy.

What Brand/Model of lifts are to be installed? 

Lifts are Rotary Brand Lifts – see other documents for brochure or visit We prefer the buyer consult with our Rotary Lift Specialist to determine the correct lift for you needs prior to lift selection.

What garage door will be in this unit?  

Garage doors are curtain Ankmar with an R-value of R-18 with Lift Masters heavy duty 1/2 horse power opener.

Taller doors are available and pricing would be determined during design meeting. Width is 14’ wide, consult building plan.

Can two garage doors be put in?  

No Sorry this is not an option that is available.

What is the load rating on the Mezzanines? 

It is rated for a 65 live load.

How are the Mezzanines built?  

The Mezzanines are built with posts 9’ o.c with joist at 12” o.c. 

The material is 9 ½ “ tji’s and railing is included. The stairs are wood.

What is available in epoxy floors?

You can add a standard epoxy which is a solid color with clear coat (color chart provided at design meeting). An epoxy could include patterns, chips, MPVA chips and/or additional clear coats.

Can we put in windows?  

Windows are not allowed at this time but there are windows in the garage doors, except for those units that are pre-built with a Cupola area and windows pre-installed prior to closing.

What are the units pre-wired for?  

Units are pre-wired to support telephone, high-speed internet.

Can I turn off the heat?  

Heat cannot be completely turned off.  Each unit will have a thermostat

that will only allow the system to get so cold, in order to protect the radiant floors and bathroom piping.

What insulation is in the ceiling?

R38 is in the roof, R18 in the garage door, R19 in outer/inner walls. All walls are steel lined and 2x6 insulated

walls between units for sound control.

What are the exact interior finish dimensions of each unit?

Please visit the documents tab under Other Documents and check out Model Layouts.

Is there a Sprinkler system or Fire Suppression system?

No. Neither of these systems are required by code & these are not an items that can be added as an upgrade.

Can the radiant heat be traced so I can drill in it after closing?  

Not necessarily, since all changes to the concrete will need OA approval the OA will have a Radiant Lift Floorplan map for each unit and consult with the builder prior to any approval. All maintenance of concrete flat work shall be the responsibility of Purchaser including, but not limited to: filling all cracks in the concrete slabs with a concrete caulking or similar material to protect the concrete slabs from damage.  The Purchaser will not drill, cut or damage the slab in anyway.  The slab is the ownership of the common element and any damaged caused by the Purchaser will be fixed at the Purchasers expense.  Any and all concrete issues/repairs or changes must be approved by the OA.

Is there additional parking?
You can park outside the door of your unit per the OA by-laws and declarations.