Ultimate Garage Club secure & private heated storage facility. The Ultimate Garage Club is under construction and will be built over six phases.

Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 will be fully complete in April 2018.

Phase 3 is getting ready to begin and will include Building D that has 7 units and Building E that has 16 units.  Building D is a 6-8 month timeline depending on building, upgrades and weather and should close in the Winter of 2018.  

Contracting is available for all phases but build-out will commence chronologically and final build times will be based on builder's obtaining final certificate of occupancy and builder contract.  All pricing is subject to change. These are commercial properties for sale.



Pricing for the ultimate garage club

The Ultimate Garage HOA Covers:

  • HOA Fees are .0708 cents per square foot

  • The Final HOA Documents are posted in our documents files.  These documents are recorded. 

  • All utilities shall be common amenities of the HOA and shall be billed to owners directly by the HOA on a quarterly basis.
  • Gas is covered by the HOA
  • Exterior maintenance of the building and from the concrete floors and below is covered by the HOA.
  • Wash-Bay will be owned by Lighthouse storage (so no maintenace cost shall be in the HOA)  Garage club owner shall have a Wash Bay usage policy that shall be issued by the HOA. (to-be-built)
  • Club House for owner & tenant use with showers, and laundry. (to-be-built)
  • Fully secure site with security cameras
  • Snow removal
  • Managed by Wright Real Estate 970-686-7700



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Model Sizes may vary per building and will be built-out on an "as contracted" basis.  With builder approval investors may purchase an entire building and specify the size of the preferred units within the building.  All pricing is subject to change per availability.  Any and all upgrades will be at additional cost and finalized in the builder Contracting and Design meeting.  All utilities will be the common amenity of the HOA and will be billed directly from the HOA on a quarterly basis.   

Ultimate Garage Club Secure & Private Heated Storage Facility.

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